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B.C Packaging focuses on the production of PP valve bags, BOPP color printing woven bags, paper plastic composite bags, etc. It is a manufacturer integrating design, production and service, and providing integrated packaging bag solutions. The company’s products strictly implement SO14001 and SO9001 system certification, and have passed a number of third-party testing and certification in order to provide more protection for your products.


With over 25 years of bag making experience, B.C Packaging’s 18 manufacturing facilities in WenZhou City , ZheJiang province have the people, the places, and the industry experience to serve our customers with world class care.

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  • PP Woven Bag
  • Valve bags
  • Paper-Plastic Compound Bag
  • Portable PP Woven bag
  • PE Bag


The Latest
  • Sep-212022

    Polyethylene and Polypropylene(Introduction)

    Polyethylene and Polypropylene(Introduction)   The main raw material for foreign production is polyethylene (PE), and domestic production is mainly polypropylene (PP), which is a thermoplastic resin obtained by polymerization of ethylene.   Polyethylene (PE)   Polyethylene is od...

  • Sep-172022

    college students in China are more like to use luggage woven bags for packing from home to school

    college students in China are more like to use luggage woven bags for packing from home to school , small grocery stores sell thousands of orders per month   “Do you think it’s shameful to pack luggage with urea bags?” In this year’s school season, college student...

  • Sep-142022

    What is a valve pocket

    Valve bag, commonly known as paste bottom bag, is an internationally popular packaging bag. Feed from the top or bottom valve, using special filling equipment. After filling the materials, assemble the cubes and stack them neatly and beautifully. It is an eco-friendly ba...